Executive Coaching


Senior Executive, Leadership Professional, Senior Managers, Principal or Head of Institution



Even the most motivated leaders are often forced to let their leadership potential and skills enhancement slide while dealing with more pressing issues.

  • Your organization is going through an enormous transformational change and you feel stuck between organization and personal goals.
  • Do you want to know what you need to work on to take your leadership to the next level
  • Does someone in your organisation need help staying focused on strengths? Or is someone struggling to express them and their ideas or contributions being overlooked?
  • Your potential leaders will perform at their peak if they were to be adaptable to change.



Executive coaching is effective for executives who are “STUCK”. We offer one-to-one executive coaching for managers and leaders from Corporates and Educational Institutions:

  • Manager transitioning to New leadership role
  • Senior Executive
  • Principal of Head of Institution
  • Teams of aspiring Teachers
  • Teams of Mid-level Managers


This type of coaching is suitable for a senior leader in organisation responsible for decision-making and meeting organisational goals.

Typical goals that Senior Educators and SeniorExecutives could work on

  • Strategically grow the Institution amongst challenging times
  • Develop strategies to deal with complex staff and management issues
  • Create new “Vision” and strategy for your Institution
  • Develop leadership potential amongst others
  • Discover “blind-spots”, work on them and become more effective leader



  • Interviews with at minimum six colleagues, peers, line manager, direct reports
  • 360 degree and Self assessment
  • Two in-person meetings, agree coaching objectives, outcomes, scope of work and final review
  • Regular Coaching progress log
  • In-person meeting with the person being coached
  • Establish and agree specific and measurable goals
  • Creating a Personal Development Plan
  • Coaching sessions for a minimum of 12 sessions (via skype or phone)
  • Two assessments
  • Individual Leadership Capability report at the end
  • Unlimited e-mail support