We exist to bring dramatic, observable, permanent change in one’s thoughts and behaviors.

‘Everyone is a Leader’ and ‘Every individual’s existence has a greater purpose’.


We at PositiveShift Consulting specialise in Learning, Skilling, Technology. We exist to bring dramatic, observable, permanent change in one’s thoughts and behaviors. We help clients to gain PositiveShift.

TheISO 9001:2008 company is one of the fastest emerging company in the Learning & Skill Development segment and is affiliated under National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Govt of India.




Primary offerings include:

WIISE  Learning Network (www.WIISE.co) – WIISE  is Smart learning platform for Skills and Certifications from world’s best practitioners and reputed Institutions. On-demand, short-term certification courses through Web, Mobile, Centres and TV channels. Helping individuals achieve personal and professional goals.

Consulting – Human Capital improvement, Cyber Security Consulting, Project Consulting

Skilling – We have a network of 50+ Skill development centres (SDCs) across 9 states in India. This helps us to deliver quality skilling to the beneficiaries under Govt of India schemes.


Company Portfolio


Offering Training, Skill development, Project Consulting services

CIN: U74900WB2013PTC192678



Offering Ed-Tech solutions, UNO Learn, UNO Junior, UNO TV 

CIN: U74999WB2016PTC218435



Offering HRO, RPO, Staffing, Payrolling, Recruitment services



UK company to support any US and European business solutions

Company No: 10540705



Our Vision

 At PositiveShift, our vision is to become respected Learning Consulting & Skill Development organisation enabling transformational change.


Our Core Values



There is an art and science for developing leadership capability in Individuals and Organisations. Through value-based excellence we inject tangible (ROI) and intangible (People) benefits to the organisation.

PositiveShift differentiates with Excellence in Product & service. We will establish our business offering as a clear and viable alternative for our target market. We shall stress on “nothing less than Excellence” as motto.

Greater Transparency Is the Key to Building Greater Trust – we believe this as a core values and follow it for our customers, stakeholders and staff. We realize that being Ethical is difficult but the right thing to do.

Build long-term relationships with clients, not single-visit deals. Become their advisor and partner of choice. Make them understand the value of long-term relationships.

Success requires courage in the face of obstacles and tough decisions. We imbibe this value in our works and relationships with clients and partners.

We believe to master or thrive on change, we need to embrace perpetual growth and development, continuous learning, and constant improvement.